Unsure How to Start
(or Continue)

  • Brainstorming
  • Abandoning current product design
  • Cost estimating project
  • Honing rough ideas into feasible idea given realistic resources (time, people, money, technology, etc.)
  • Continuing with current product design (e.g., adding features, new version)
  • Branching into new products
  • Transitioning from one project stage to another
  • Others...

In Emergency Mode

  • Nothing to show after spending significant resources (e.g., investors' money)
  • Sudden change or addition to current product, product line, or project direction
  • Limitations of resources prevent meeting goals
    • Time (e.g., suddenly shortened schedule, only X months left in original schedule)
    • People (e.g., not enough, revolving door, stuck with somebody who lacks appropriate characteristics)
    • Money (e.g., investment money nearly depleted, not enough money known in advance)

Poor Design-Development Process

  • Scheduling does not accurately reflect estimates or actuals
  • Too-much or too-rigid process.  Need it to be faster; more lean, flexible, dynamic, responsive, agile-like
  • Team members don't know what processes to follow, or don't follow the process even if they know it
  • Team works in silos (e.g., software vs. hardware, or one software module vs. other software module)
  • There is no--or no good--process